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The Grand Alliance of Free Worlds is represented by a shield bearing a flame surrounded by laurels.

The Grand Alliance of Free Worlds is a unique organization in the history of the Multiverse. Hundreds of Realities containing thousands of cultures and languages across time and space all attempting to form a beneficial network of commerce, governance and protection. Every member Reality of the Grand Alliance has it’s own systems of government and customs as well as traditions and economic concerns of their own to say nothing of the religious and social issues that arise with integrating different dimensions. Many say the Alliance would not have been possible without the Multiverse War, for it was only the threat of annihilation that forged it.

The early days of the Multiverse War were a patchwork affair of strong, independent Realities working with a few neighbors to oppose the Dark Order rising from the C Sphere. Diplomatic squabbles and old grudges blocked several Realities from working together.  It was A-9 Britannia that organized the first real resistance to the march of the Dark Fleets. The first Grand Alliance was just five Realities; Britannia, A-7 Great Texas, B-15 Europa, B-1 Oz, and B-6 Isis. These five Realities posed enough of a threat that the Order smuggled a device into Emerald City and detonated it. The city was devastated and the Aether of Oz corrupted. The Order hoped the attack would dissuade others from allying against them, they were wrong. Realities instead saw the Dark Order as the threat it was and flocked to the Alliance. The network of treaties and contracts that formed those agreements stand today and form the basis for the Grand Alliance.

Large and powerful as it is the Alliance nearly lost the war due to it’s enormous size and bureaucracy. Often battle plans and coordination were tied up in approvals and back tracking chains of command. Whole portions of campaigns were delayed or ended without alerting allies resulting in horrendous casualties due to error. It was only the loss of whole Realities to zombie plaque and Reality Cracking Bombs that forced the Alliance to adopt a more permissive structure that it follows to this day.

The Enlightened Assembly meets at a special trans-dimensional teleporting structure known as The Khunehagen every three cycles of the Spheres (3 to 5 years). Instead of trying to address only current issues or have a constant state of legislation they instead meet for 200 days straight correcting the issue sense last session and then laying out permissions and parameters for offices and ministers for the interim until the next session. Rather than regular oversight the Assembly empowers and or limits the abilities of their offices to address issues as they arise. These permissions can be vague or incredibly specific depending on how many times the assembly has addressed that particular concern. This makes for a merit based system that allows its representative to accomplish things on their own initiative as long as they do not exceed Assembly set limits and guidelines.

The result is a government that is both nimble and inflexible as tasks can be done quickly as long as the pertinent laws, guideline, policies, and permits are in order. There is a rumor that one can do just about anything legally in the Grand Alliance merely by chasing done the correct paperwork and permits.

The Grand Alliance recognizes and supports ENIGMA and The Game as necessary evils. Many Assembly members are not happy that the agency investigates and enforces the laws on them as well as other beings. There is a vocal anti-ENIGMA sentiment in the Assembly as some fear their authority and some simply fear them.