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The Empress is the most ancient and powerful member of the Council 21. It was she who held the Theocracy is wait for century secretly giving the upstart Dark Order just enough power and resources to wage their wasteful war with the Grand Alliance of Free Worlds and stepped from the shadow with her newly reformed Council of 21 to seize dominance ion the Nightmare Realm. The Empress is rumored to have been forged for the dreams of Cthulhu to serve the old ones themselves as their Scion in in Time and Space. She goes by no other name than her title as she rules a dozens of dimensions of dominated subject who worship her as the mother of Villainy.


The Empress is in fact several centuries old and has powerful and resource servants spread across the Multiverse. She is nigh Immortal having the ability to take a new body with the passing of the one she inhabits now.  She has manipulated the Council for years but now fears there may be real challenges to her power, there are murmurs of replacing the long dead Emperor with a new seat holder and The Shuffling may diminish her control of the House Royalty.

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