The C Sphere has long been the most mysterious and dangerous Sphere of the Multiverse. The Realities here are shaped by the nightmares, terrors, anxieties of sentient beings across the Multiverse. The Aether of these Realities is potent and corrupting. Though there is an overwhelming presence of evil and even several of the Elder Dark Gods choose to slumber in these worlds their residents are not necessarily evil. Some Realities in the C Sphere are populated by average populations merely trapped in hellish world made from someone else's imaginary horrors. All manner of magic and mechanism can be found in these shadowy realms. The Arcane Theocracy seized power in the C Sphere following the fall of the Old Order. There are however whole C Sphere Realities that defy any sense of rule or order and exist to harvest the Aether borne of the suffering of trillions of souls across a million worlds.

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