The A Sphere is the Primary Sphere of the Multiverse. Although all three Spheres balance each pother in the Great Dance The A Sphere is the home of Genesis the Primary Reality from which all others sprung. As such it is the weight of the A Sphere's Aether that turns the Multiverse. A Sphere Realities are merely alternate realities of Genesis or Earth. They are most frequently created by a alteration of history or a shifting of the development of the geography. Though theoretically any deviation can p[produce an alternate timeline as per the Butterfly Effect, Small effect timelines attributed to a single lifeline do not usually result in a stable alternate dimension of time in space and rather exist as a pocket reality for the person caught in the Effect. For a complete A sphere world to coalesce it's Aether into a stable Reality there must be a dramatic mass shift in conscience perception. Several Trillion life forms must conceptualize of a world in which a certain major event does not take place and a strong independent timeline develop before a stable A Reality is fully developed in the Multiverse.

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