Tarot 11 Justice.jpg

Justice is the Law Bringer of the Council. Zealously enforcing and encouraging the proper adherence and exhibition of the Tenets of Villainy is his driving purpose. In the eyes of the Council he is both despised and necessary. Justice has what appears to be a near zen dedication to the Tenets of Villainy and has been the most effective holders of the seat in the history of the Theocracy. Due to his legalistic views he is considered incorruptible and has few known allies but also has few personal enemies.

THE TRUTH: Justice is playing the long game. The Tenets of Villainy are the sword that he uses to cut the cancer out of the Theocracy so that Justice may quietly rule from his position. The current power imbalance on the Council is a near heresy to Justice and he desires to see things restored to their proper lawful evil place. Empty seats in the Major Arcana must be filled and House Royalty must be brought to heel and know their place. Most of all the over reaching influence of The Empress must be diminished or counter balanced. Justice supports placing Tobias of The Red Fork Emperor in the Emperor seat.

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