Dr. Adams is a medical researcher and engineer originally from an A Sphere world, but due to the fact he is a time-walker he has traveled across time, space and the multiverse. His family is rumored to be either dead or missing so he lacks any attachments back on his home world.

Education[edit | edit source]

  • High School Diploma: The Governor's Academy, Byfield, MA
  • BS/BS/MS - Chemistry/Physics/Engineering - Worcester Polytechnical Institute, Worcester, MA
  • MS/MS/MS - Chemistry/Physics/Engineering - Tufts University, Medford, MA
  • Doctorate - Physics - Boston College, Boston, MA
  • MS/PhD - Medicine/Biophysics - Miskatonic University Medical School, Arkham, MA

Post Educational Life[edit | edit source]

  • After he completed his education he started travelling the multiverse looking for opportunity and adventure
    • Dr. Adams originally had contacts with other A sphere worlds working on lightening based weapons for them to bolster their armaments during conflicts with their neighboring countries on their own world.
    • Dr. Adams did branch out into explosives at one point with devastating effects.
      • One reality was being besieged by Cthulhu cultists and Ctharians.
      • Dr. Adams assisted them by giving them two different explosives to try with the warning that they should NOT be used together for ANY reason.
        • The government used them together for their final assault on the cultists during an awakening ceremony.
        • The use of the explosives together created a geometric increase in power leveling the regional capital.
        • The fire was so intense and bright and it was described as a red dragon descending and laying waste to that city.
        • The moniker of red dragon has followed Dr. Adams ever since. He even has adopted that into the style of his clothing and accessories.
  • Dr. Adams disappeared for sometime regrouping and developing a new strategy.
  • Dr. Adams was a free agent for a time and has been used as a messenger and intervention agent by both ENIGMA and The Arcane Theocracy.
  • Dr. Adams' main goal is rescuing poor Prometheans from humans who do not understand them and give them a home where they can exist.
    • Dr. Adams maintains a charity called PHWP, Palealoge Home for Wayward Prometheans named after his mother's family.
    • It is rumored that Dr. Adams maintains an army of Prometheans that he can move around the multi-verse through the time-walker web ways.
      • This is unfounded, but Dr. Adams is usually seen whenever a Promethean is discovered and wreaking havoc.
      • Soon after the Promethean is no longer around, neither is Dr. Adams.
  • To fund this endeavor Dr. Adams relies on weapons development, logistics and other occupations to keep his operations fully funded.
  • He is currently a member of the White Rose Consortium, a group with varied interests, but they pool talent and resources to get common goals accomplished.
    • The Consortium can gather goods and move them around the multi-verse on or off the books.
    • ENIGMA has many questions about the Consortium but is observing them for now.
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