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Dr. Adams is a medical researcher and engineer originally from an A Sphere world, but due to the fact he is a time-walker he has traveled across time, space and the multiverse. His family is rumored to be either dead or missing so he lacks any attachments back on his home world.


  • High School Diploma: The Governor's Academy, Byfield, MA
  • BS/BS/MS - Chemistry/Physics/Engineering - Worcester Polytechnical Institute, Worcester, MA
  • MS/MS/MS - Chemistry/Physics/Engineering - Tufts University, Medford, MA
  • Doctorate - Physics - Boston College, Boston, MA
  • MS/PhD - Medicine/Biophysics - Miskatonic University Medical School, Arkham, MA

Post Educational Life[]

  • After he completed his education he started travelling the multiverse looking for opportunity and adventure
    • Dr. Adams originally had contacts with other A sphere worlds working on lightening based weapons for them to bolster their armaments during conflicts with their neighboring countries on their own world.
    • Dr. Adams did branch out into explosives at one point with devastating effects.
      • One reality was being besieged by Cthulhu cultists and Ctharians.
      • Dr. Adams assisted them by giving them two different explosives to try with the warning that they should NOT be used together for ANY reason.
        • The government used them together for their final assault on the cultists during an awakening ceremony.
        • The use of the explosives together created a geometric increase in power leveling the regional capital.
        • The fire was so intense and bright and it was described as a red dragon descending and laying waste to that city.
        • The moniker of red dragon has followed Dr. Adams ever since. He even has adopted that into the style of his clothing and accessories.
  • Dr. Adams disappeared for sometime regrouping and developing a new strategy.
  • Dr. Adams was a free agent for a time and has been used as a messenger and intervention agent by both ENIGMA and The Arcane Theocracy.
  • Dr. Adams' main goal is rescuing poor Prometheans from humans who do not understand them and give them a home where they can exist.
    • Dr. Adams maintains a charity called PHWP, Palealoge Home for Wayward Prometheans named after his mother's family.
    • It is rumored that Dr. Adams maintains an army of Prometheans that he can move around the multi-verse through the time-walker web ways.
      • This is unfounded, but Dr. Adams is usually seen whenever a Promethean is discovered and wreaking havoc.
      • Soon after the Promethean is no longer around, neither is Dr. Adams.
  • To fund this endeavor Dr. Adams relies on weapons development, logistics and other occupations to keep his operations fully funded.
  • He is currently a member of the White Rose Consortium, a group with varied interests, but they pool talent and resources to get common goals accomplished.
    • The Consortium can gather goods and move them around the multi-verse on or off the books.
    • ENIGMA has many questions about the Consortium but is observing them for now.